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There are some really desperate people among us.

Below is an email I just recieved from a website I advertise with:
Re: [Ticket: 728337] Support
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Mon, Nov 2, 2009 4:52 pm

This is to inform you that a account was created using the email address and the website address of:

Since the contact information provided on the account did not match the contact information provided within your website, we wanted to confirm with you that this account was indeed set up with your permission. Unfortunately, it is a common tactic for Scammers to utilize legitimate breeder website information (but change the email address) in order to try to not only get past our initial screening, but to also fool potential buyers.

It is for this reason we ask that you confirm that this account was indeed created with your permission. The account in question is currently on hold and the listings are not available to the public. If this account was created with your knowledge please let us know and we will release it to the public. If this account was not created by you or with your permission, please inform us and we will ban the account from the website.

Failure to respond within 48 hours may result in the account being banned from the site.

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Brenda Support

This is just ONE example of how you can be taken advantage of not knowing who you are dealing with, please be careful surfing the net for puppies! Do your research! Google their name, get references, do they do genetic testing on the parents? Hips, eyes, skin, VWD, addisons, etc... do they guarantee the puppy? I love the breeder's that give you a 1 year guarantee, but you can't get an OFA rating until they are 2 years old! I hate for people to get taken advantage of, it makes it harder on the "good breeders". Even if I don't have what you are wanting in a pet, or if you need help or have questions know that you can contact me and if I can help you I will.

Email me here