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About Us

 ArganPoodles was born 1992. I have shown Dobermans, toy poodles and Standard Poodles.

In my opinion there is no other breed that compares to the Standard Poodle. I breed to improve the breed and for my own enjoyment. I breed for health, temperament and beauty. Genetic testing is done on everything I breed.
I have raised dogs for 45 plus years, my first dog was a miniature poodle at the age of 4! I also do all breed pet grooming in my home and was trained by a Master Groomer whom I worked along side for 3 years. I hope to build my clientele to be able to quit my day job.
UPDATE: I have worked for Delta Connection for 7 years and they are closing us at DFW Airport as of Jan 31, 2005. So I am now starting my grooming business full time now! A blessing in disguise :) after 8 years of operating Groomingdale's Pet Grooming from our home I have retired from grooming and working on my Real Estate Investments Full time to be able to afford my hobby of Poodles :)

I hope you enjoy my site and you can email and I will respond as quickly as possible.
What is "Argan" Poodles you ask? It is my first  and last name (before I married) put together! Angie Morgan
                            A + rgan = Argan Poodles !!!

I usually only have one litter a year and most puppies are sold before they are born. I accept deposits that are refundable if I do not have what you are hoping for.

Angie Killian
We recently moved to China Spring, Texas
And we love our new home and the dogs love the amount of room they now have to run and play!

Our New Home

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My sister and myself with our poodles 1967

My mother with her black poodle 1961

Deposits are non-refundable unless the specific sex requested is not available. We do not select nor sell puppies based on color.  In the event that purchaser changes their mind to purchase a puppy, the deposit is non-refundable.  If we have a companion puppy available of requested sex and purchaser whom has requested a companion does not want the puppy their deposit is non-refundable and deposit
will not be carried over to another litter unless Breeder/Seller agrees to do so.  
Show homes will be placed first.
We reserve the right at all times to refuse the sale of any of our puppies.
In the event we refuse the sale of  one of our puppies deposit will be refunded in full.
This is the only time a deposit will be refunded.

Deposit is applied to purchase price.

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